Interviews and pictures from Silicon Labs and Energy Micro !

We recorded a lot of material yesterday and today and I will share some of the interviews with you soon. I am just uploading a ton of data from my various data cards. Then I need to do some edits and get it out to you. Probably in a week or two!

Here is the video of the signing. This is the same as the video on the Energy Micro blog.

This could not have been successful witout great support from professional investors. Thanks for your help over the years !

Silabs to blog-7027

Over from Left: Torleif Ahlsand (Nortzone), Tyson Tuttle (Silicon Labs), Geir Førre (Energy Micro), Steinar Fossen (Investinor).

Geir Førre informed the rest of Energy Micro at 10 am today. A few hours later they all went to a secret place to plan the next months and years. What a team !

Silabs to blog-7093

Over: Geir Førre explains to the team why he decided to sell the company

After a short introduction, Tyson Tuttle entered the room and I think all the people felt very welcome to Silicon Labs !

Silabs to blog-7103

Over: Tyson Tuttle welcome the Energy Micro team to Silicon Labs.

Øyvind Janbu and Torkel Brunsvik were singing a new song they made for this happening as well. I do have the raw material so there is not much they can do to stop me from publishing it !

Alf Bogen

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