Mini Maker Faire in Trondheim

So, after a few months work we had a very successful Mini Maker Faire in Trondheim this weekend. Thanks to the great people arranging the Pstereo festival we were able to add the MMF to their already planned event. With some great help from many makers in Trondheim in additition to some companies we were able to pull this off ! With more then 5000 people visiting the festival and many of them visiting the MMF section I would say this was a great success !

I put together a short video (in Norwegian) from the event. I am also working on an english video with similar content. This will come in about a week I hope.

Please also look at and (also in Norwegian)

I also made a similar video from New York Maker Faire in 2012.

To learn more about the Make community and events look at and

Massimo Manzi and I did a keynote at Maker Faire in New York 2012

I will get back with more material from the Pstereo Mini Maker Faire in Trondheim


My new gig !

After a long and wonderful vacation I am back in action !

Energy Micro is now succesfully in under the wings of Silicon Labs. A great combination that I think will add a lot of value to the industry. I will definately stay in touch and use their products.

What about me ?

This was a hard call, but I finally decided to go run Novelda. Novelda is a great company with very advanced CMOS Ultra Wide Band Radio Technology. Yesterday we announced to the team that I will be their new CEO, starting September 2. I have been on their board for a while and have already invested in the company so I better go take care of my money !

The previos CEO Dag, who are one of the founders of the company will be the President of the company and together we are going to take this to the next level. I am very exited to take on this role and will be commuting between Trondheim and Oslo quite frequently. But I will also travel a lot to customers and partners around the globe.

If you follow this blog I will tell you much more about this and also post some job opportunities in Norway and USA. In general we are looking for business developers, signal processing experts, Microcontroller/DSP experts, RF and antenna experts in addition to digital and analog chip designers. This is a very exiting opportunity and I am very exited to work with such a great team. I feel the same here as I felt in Energy Micro and the early days of the AVR.

I also got some very interesting investors from the bay area on board that I will tell you more about later.

Stay tuned ! This is my new gig.

BTW: Tomorrow we have the first mini Maker Faire in Trondheim and I will post a post on this tomorrow or Sunday to show you how it went ! Here is a link to the event site (it is in Norwegian.,)

I will be back soon.