Let us save lives together with technology. XeThru Rubble Program

After one year of crazy technology development I am returning to my blog. We developed a lot of new technology and have started to deliver good volumes of our extremely sensitive vital signs detection technology XeThru.

The main reason for writing this is because of the terrible tragedy in Nepal recently. It is impossible to not be moved when so many people die under circumstances like this earthquake.

Every day since the earthquake I have been thinking of how our XeThru technology could have saved lives in Nepal. I did check with our customers using XeThru for human finders and realized that we have to spread the technology more widely to ensure radar based human finders are available when such tragedies happens. Fortunately it looks like NASA was helping out in Nepal with their human finders


In order to create more technology like this I want to invite partners to develop and share technology to people who want to design solutions for rescue operations like in Nepal.

We at Novelda will give technology for free to individuals or groups that can demonstrate the ability to design such devices. A human finder will typically consist of a XeThru radar SOC, directional high gain antennas, signal processing units and RF design to amplify the transmitted and/or the received signal.

We do already work with a sweetish company on such technology:


I wan to invite other companies and designers to work with us to design a reference design that can be used by makers ,semi professionals and professionals to make this type of devices available around the world. I want the algorithms to be open source so this type of technology develops fast. Please get in touch with me if you want to participate in a program like this. This will not be the way we make a lot of money, but if we can save one child or adult from rubbles it will be all the payment we need. useĀ alf-egil.bogen@xethru.com

We will enable a forum on our web site www.xethru.com so the resources can stay connected. We are a small startup and cannot fund all this alone, but we will offer our unique chip technology for this program.

  • Companies or individuals:
  • Antenna designers
  • Radar experts
  • Signal processing experts
  • RF designers
  • Embedded designers

Shall we work together to make a difference ?

The XeThru Rubble Program starts here now.


Alf-Egil Bogen

CEO Novelda