Silicon Labs Acquires Energy Micro

Big news!

It is a great day at Energy Micro and Silicon Labs today!

The CEO of Energy Micro Geir Førre and the CEO of Silicon Labs Tyson Tuttle signed an agreement where Silicon Labs acquires Energy Micro. The deal is expected to close around July 1st. (the story continues after the picture)

tyson geir

This is a very strategic and interesting acquisition that I think will have a lot of positive synergies for the embedded designers worldwide. We have been working with this for several months now and I get more and more exited about what we can do together.

Silicon labs is a great company with extremely talented people. Their mixed signal expertise is second to none and they design things other people give up. What I found very interesting is their history around complex mixed signal devices like the TV and radio tuners as well as their very advanced timing devices used as reference clocks in high-end communication products. If you look at these chips you will see that they are not easy to develop. They also have a profitable microcontroller business that they now want to accelerate through this acquisition.

During this process I have met a lot of the people from Silicon Labs including the management team and founders of the company. I am really impressed about their visionary view and drive to achieve results.  I have met very humble people, yet with very aggressive goals for them selves and the company.

Energy Micro has an amazing technology and traction in the market. Our brand position and design win rate is nothing less then outstanding. It is clear to me that the curious and innovative culture is an important factor to this. This market position and culture were probably the main reasons I left Atmel and joined Energy Micro a few months back. These where probably also the main reasons Silicon labs wanted to acquire the company.

I will get back to this soon, but now I need to get all the release material for the company ready to go live soon!

We do have a lot of video from the event as well so stay tuned !

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Thanks for reading.

Alf-Egil Bogen

CMO, Energy Micro