Novelda radar count my heartbeat from a distance !

I have now been on board for almost a month! After visiting customers and investors I am very exited about this.

The technology is very interesting and can solve many problems that existing sensors cannot do. The Novelda radar is basically a Ultra Wideband radar that sends out very low energy pulses at a frequency up to 10GHz. You can think of the impulse radar as a sensor that sends out a pulse and then measure the time until it returns. This time will represent a very accurate distance to the object.

The great thing about the technology is that it can penetrate through material. It can see things you cannot see. Imaging a sensor that can predict what is going to happen before it happens…(maybe a little philosophical there, but…). We can actually measure your pulse from a distance just by detecting the movement on your chest when the heartbeats…That is pretty amazing !

We just closed a round of funding to get us to the next step. We got employees, private investors, VC and also US angel investors on board. I will get back to you with some exiting names if I get their approval to talk about it. Both Geir Førre from Silicon Labs (former Energy Micro CEO) and my self invested in the company in this round as well.

We are also looking for people to join the team. For development we will need the following people:

  1. Experienced RF and antenna designers
  2. Experienced MCU/DSP/Embedded designers. (We use and Coretex M4 FPU today)
  3. Signal Processing experts
  4. Finance ,HR and administration.

Anyone with advanced 1D, 2D and 3D radar experience will also be of interest ! We might as well contract some of this work so also contractors should get in touch if you are interested (and very good).

We will also need application engineers in the field very soon. The most important criteria will be PASSION !

Let me know if you have any names of people that we should approach or have the contact me directly at

Please note that this is still a in an early phase and will require very dedicated work. This is not easy so we have to work hard and be smart to make it happen. On the other hand, the reward will be substantial for people that join the team in such an early phase.

I will get back with some more posts on strategy and how we think when we build it. In general I am a believer of Focus. I have to tell a story from one of my 120 trips to the US. This was probably as early as 2000. I was sitting on the plain with girls about 2 meters high. It was the US national team in basketball and I ended up in the seat next to their coach. We started talking and she ended up telling me about how she performed an attack. She used the words Focus-Fight-Finish. Every attack was focus-fight-finish and that was programmed into every player’s head.

I have used that ever since and will use it again. You need to focus hard to succeed, you need to fight for it whatever it takes and you need to finish it no matter how hard it is.